Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Camera!

Yes! Christmas has come early for me! My dad knew I wanted this camera and he said he'll get it for me, I didn't plan on him turning up at my flat with it!

My decision to seriously start blogging was the reason I wanted a camera, I wanted to be able to take semi-decent photos rather than just using my phone and inflict my face on you all! *evil laugh*

I'm still going to be pretty busy from now until Christmas with exams and coursework, but I plan on giving this a real shot when the holidays start! Wish me luck!

What camera do you use for your blog photos? All hints and tips welcome!

- A.



  1. go for a DSLR! I use canon


    1. Heh I don't know very much about photography so I'm afraid a DSLR camera will be wasted on me! xx


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