Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Too Shy To Blog.

"Hate You 2" Jersey Dress: UNIF
Tights: Topshop

One of the things I promised myself this year was to start a blog. I knew it was going to be difficult, but even if it doesn't work out at least I tried.

The first obstacle I hit was the outfit post; the post that I was looking forward to and dreading the most.

I'm sure I'm not the first person to say that they have body issues, normally I hide at the sight of a camera that's not my own and I can't smile normally without looking like I'm in pain. But one of the main reasons that I wanted to start blogging was to help overcome my issues and hopefully learn to like myself a little bit more..

This is an outfit from this week; if I continue to post enough one will notice that I wear a copious amount of black. I've also yet to find a decent background for photos...

I've always been a big fan of UNIF, but found their range somewhat dear since they're an American brand. I love their edgey style and in your face designs that I can't quite find here.
When I found out that Urban Outfitters stocked them online last year I may have squealed. A lot. I took no time in purchasing this jersey dress with a message that's perfect for those I-Don't-Give-A-F**k days.

Do you have a go-to outfit for those days?
- A.

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