Friday, June 27, 2014

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Right now is one of those rare moments in my life where I feel okay about things. Living with anxiety all my life hasn't made me the most optimistic of people, but having my family and friends there for me during the big moments of my life this year has really made me feel lucky. I hope that things can keep going on this way.

Of course as you may know we have been busy moving! We've been here in our new flat for 20 days now and things are coming together slowly but surely! There are still a million boxes of books to unpack but it's finally starting to feel like home.

Excuse the Instagram pictures, its the only way I've been documenting my days at the moment..

I can't get over this window in my study, can't wait to get the room sorted and have days of sitting at that window with cups of tea!

Also during the time we've been here, it was also around the same time as my birthday. However since we've been so busy we haven't really had time to plan anything, I even forgot it was my birthday until a few days before!!

So I woke up to this pretty sight on the morning of my birthday.. David had to go to work that morning so we couldn't spend the day together, but I was so happy with my presents and was enjoying my quiet day in. I was so surprised at the Chanel perfume, I had jokingly previously said I would like it. I didn't think he'd remember!

In the evening we went to a local sushi restaurant called Kanpai, I've been there before and really liked it. The food is so fresh and delicious, and I had a lovely time. It's times like this I wish I was more of a food Instagrammer so I could show them to you...

- A

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