Friday, January 16, 2015

What are friends for?

Creepers gonna creep.

So, excuse the blurry photos. These pictures were taken from various cameras so the sizes and quality of the photos will be different. Rather than editing through them all I figured it'd be nicer to leave them as they are just to emphasise the randomness that are my friends and I.

I know it's been a while. Fortunately I don't exactly have many (if any!) readers so no one complained. 

Last year I started this blog as form of a creative outlet for myself and had a fair idea in what kind of blog I wanted to be. However a combination of anxiety and lack of inspiration set me back a lot, until eventually life problems just got in the way and the blog ended up taking a back seat.

Three days ago four of my very best friends from Glasgow came to Edinburgh to visit me. It's been hard trying to stay in touch what with everyone working or studying, also it isn't exactly cheap to travel to Glasgow on a student budget! I know many friendships would dwindle to more time you spend apart from each other; they make new friends and you end up missing the odd life events and then suddenly it's like you hardly know them anymore.

Luckily with these girls the moment we see each other it's all hugs and giggles; it's like I never left Glasgow. We quickly caught up with the biggest and latest gossip (surprise engagement!) and I've never been happier.

When we were walking, I noticed that my friend Iona was taking pictures of me. She said it's because she finds me really stylish and thinks that I should start a fashion blog. Obviously it struck a bit of a chord with me, well because, I kind of have one. I just never had the confidence to take it anywhere.

So this is why I'm here again. With my friends behind me believing in me, what other reason do I need to give this another go? What are friends for?

Wish me luck!
- A.


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