Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fringe Club

Oh yeah, I rocked a fringe and bob. 
Recently I've noticed that a few bloggers have decided to go for the chop and get a fringe, even a friend of mine confessed that she tried to get one but due to her uncertainty the hairdresser ended up with a very cute Bardot-esque one instead of the blunt fringe she wanted..

This made me realise that getting a fringe is actually kind of a big deal.

Like many kids I've been working that haircut with a fringe from a very young age and pretty much kept growing my hair not really knowing what to do with it. But when I reached 16 I decided I wanted a change; so I cut my hair to a shoulder length, and cut in a side parting which later became the genesis of my emo fringe... let's not talk about that.

I didn't change my hairstyle again until the 2nd year of University in Glasgow where I decided to get my fringe back. I remember back then I barely spent that much thought on it, maybe it was my inner self wanting to be young again.. I got a blunt fringe and I've kept it until this very day.

So when my friend asked me all these questions about getting her first fringe I was a bit taken aback by how little thought I put into it, and that it really is a commitment. Eventually I managed to talk to her about how hair types can influence how a fringe would appear and how much maintenance it needs (my fringe needs a trim like every 3-4 weeks!).

Are you guys thinking about getting a fringe? If so what style are you thinking?
- A.

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