Sunday, January 25, 2015

Fringe Club

Oh yeah, I rocked a fringe and bob. 
Recently I've noticed that a few bloggers have decided to go for the chop and get a fringe, even a friend of mine confessed that she tried to get one but due to her uncertainty the hairdresser ended up with a very cute Bardot-esque one instead of the blunt fringe she wanted..

This made me realise that getting a fringe is actually kind of a big deal.

Like many kids I've been working that haircut with a fringe from a very young age and pretty much kept growing my hair not really knowing what to do with it. But when I reached 16 I decided I wanted a change; so I cut my hair to a shoulder length, and cut in a side parting which later became the genesis of my emo fringe... let's not talk about that.

I didn't change my hairstyle again until the 2nd year of University in Glasgow where I decided to get my fringe back. I remember back then I barely spent that much thought on it, maybe it was my inner self wanting to be young again.. I got a blunt fringe and I've kept it until this very day.

So when my friend asked me all these questions about getting her first fringe I was a bit taken aback by how little thought I put into it, and that it really is a commitment. Eventually I managed to talk to her about how hair types can influence how a fringe would appear and how much maintenance it needs (my fringe needs a trim like every 3-4 weeks!).

Are you guys thinking about getting a fringe? If so what style are you thinking?
- A.
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Saturday, January 04, 2014

I See You

It's been pretty busy recently trying to find time to see friends and family; haven't even had time to check out the sales! Though the boy will tell you I have more than enough possessions...

But regardless of how busy I get I always find time to paint my nails, I find it very relaxing and having pretty nails at the end is always a plus! I'm a big fan of nail art (some of my previous designs can be found on my Instagram!) and my polish collection mainly consists of greyscale colours with the odd bottle of blue, but recently I've purchased a couple of deep berry colours from being inspired by Christmas!

I came across this eyeball design on an amazing blog called THE PRIVATE LIFE OF A GIRL. The lovely Sophie did this last October for Halloween inspired nails and I knew I wanted to try it. Everyday is pretty much Halloween for me.

What nail polish have you been rocking this New Year?

Also you should check out Sophie's blog, I love her minimalist style. *girl crush*
- A.
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

“Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.”

I've been eyeing up this Frankenstein Oversize Clutch from Preciously Mine for a few months now, so when shop owner Audrey announced a 20% off code on her Instagram I had to go for it!

A lot of my outfits tend to be black (or as a friend has called it "Grey scale") so I sometimes like to add a coloured scarf or bag so make it really stand out. I am a big fan of graphic prints so when I saw this Boris Karloff print I was sold! Even if pink isn't really my favourite colour...

I have an exam tomorrow so I should really be studying instead of writing about a clutch bag, but I'm way too excited about it!

How do you match your accessories to your outfits?
- A.
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Friday, December 13, 2013

“For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.”

I ordered my first pair of impractical shoes today.

I only call these impractical because I rarely ever wear flats (or heels!) and I live in Scotland. Enough said.

It's funny, it's not until this year that I've really developed a love and appreciation for shoes. Usually I just tend to wear the same 2 pairs of boots everyday until they can no longer be seen in public and buy new ones. But ever since acquiring some shoe-loving friends and becoming an avid reader of many fashion blogs I've really started noticing that shoes CAN be an important aspect of an outfit. I guess I can't just keep living in my Dr. Martens forever eh?

Don't mind me I'm just going to keep staring at the picture until they arrive.

What's the most impractical pair of shoes you've bought and loved?
- A.

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